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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


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Our client is a leading provider of innovative telecom services and network solutions for businesses in West Africa. Since its launch, our client has developed a reputation for highly reliable services to become the preferred provider of wholesale Internet services to major telecom operators, ISPs, government agencies, large enterprises, and educational institutions in West Africa. They now have an opening for a CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER (CTO).

Reporting Line: Chief Executive Officer

Job Profile
The CTO shall be responsible for all technical activities for this growing infrastructure based telecom operator and data center service provider. Responsibilities will include directing all new service development, network planning and engineering and implementation/build-out, operations management, network and service performance assurance, managing the ICT portfolio in line with business requirements and overall support of business development activities on a global scale.

Key Responsibilities
Specifically, the CTO’s responsibilities shall include to:
  • Oversee all technology aspects of the company.
  • Direct the teams in new product and service development, Network Planning, Engineering and Implementation, including infrastructure build out to new regions globally and service delivery to customer locations, Solutions Development to address a growing set of telecom and data center service needs, Business development and Technical Sales support and Global Operations including managing the delivery of end-to-end services over the organization's international network, terrestrial networks in several countries, IP/MPLS footprint, partner networks and data center with technology from leading global OEMs.
  • Establish the company’s technology roadmap in line with market needs and global technology trends, assist in development of the business plan and lead all aspects of its implementation.
  • Work with other department heads, especially Sales and Marketing to plan and advise on technologies and services to meet evolving market needs that enhance revenue.
  • Roll out new telecom and data center services and deploy effective resources to support in company and by leading Corporate customers.
  • Build relationships especially on C-level with customers and global partners that result in superior solutions and deeper loyalty and adoption of the company's solutions.
  • Ensure world class network and data center operations and management to deliver the required service levels to customers.
  • Ensure overall network security, reliability and resilience and disaster recovery planning.
  • Manage supplier business relationships and/or partnerships across the operating countries to sustain and grow the company’s business.
  • Direct the IT team and ensure alignment of IT with overall business requirements.
  • Lead the company’s continued investment in infrastructure to drive growth including future domestic and international network builds and evolution of network and data center services, capacity planning and optimization taking into account technology trends
  • Actively manage the department’s budget and ensure effective use of the company’s resources on technology investments to grow the business.
  • Grow the capacity of the company’s technical staff to lead the technology services innovation curve.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Job Vacancy: MIDWIVES (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) - LAGOS

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Our client is a private multi-specialist Hospital and a reputable health care facility located in Lagos state. A full-fledged modern hospital that provides high-quality clinical services and also provides general health care services, 24 hour pharmacy services, diagnostic services and training to doctors. It is well equipped with state of art equipment and the objective is to become a world-class hospital.  They now have an opening for the position of Midwives (Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit). The Midwives should have Foreign/International exposure (Academic/Work Related).

PS: CVs for this role MUST focus and tailor towards Obstetrics and Gynaecology ONLY

Key Requirements
  • MUST HAVE FOREIGN EXPOSURE in Obstetrics/Gynaecology (Academic/Employment)
  • Must have completed school of Midwifery
  • 4-6 years minimal MIDWIFE experience
  • 3 Years minimal Experience working in Obstetrics/Gynaecology
  • Must be a registered Nurse with Double Qualification
  • Polished presentation and personality
Person Specifications
  • Must be of EXCELLENT and INCORRUPTIBLE character
  • Must be comfortable working NIGHT and WEEKEND SHIFTS
  • With regards to the above, Should preferably NOT reside on the Island
  • Must be coming from/with Private sector background/experience
  • Must have IMPECCABLE attitude to patients and work in general
  • Foreign exposure (Education/work experience outside of Nigeria) will be a welcome advantage.
  • Suitable candidates from ANY and ALL tribes/ethnicity will be favored. Cultural Diversity is welcome.

Job Vacancy Alert: Interior Architect/Designer - Lagos

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Job Profile
To develop and manage key aspects of the client's architectural design functions, ensuring hitch free operations that effectively guarantee growth in sales and revenue.

Key Responsibilities
  • Prepare and present feasibility reports and design proposals to clients
  • Develop concept plans, designs and design solutions 
  • Produce detailed workings, drawings and specifications
  • Advise clients on the practicality of their project
  • Use IT in architectural drawing and design, specifically using software packages such as AutoCAD, 3D
  • Resolve problems and issues that arise during construction/installation activities
  • Institute an appropriate  architectural methodology (from initiating drawing, through to plan, execution, monitoring, control and closure) for bathroom and light design projects and drive its successful implementation
  • Lead liaison and engagements with clients, consultants, contractors, vendors on architectural requirements and design concepts
Key Requirements
  • B.Sc in Architecture/Interior Design/Industrial Design (Additional relevant certifications/masters degree is a plus)
  • 3-5 years of professional and relevant work experience
  • Retail Sector/work environment exposure is a huge advantage
  • Must presently reside in LAGOS
  • Equal opportunity applies (Male/Female)
  • Other preferable exposure include FMCG/Furniture&Furnishing/Construction/Design/Corporate environment

Monday, August 07, 2017

Job Vacancy Alert: VAS Support/Engineer (LAGOS)

Job Profile

Reporting to the VAS Team Lead, the VAS Support/Engineer will manage technical operations and projects for the deployment and delivery of VAS products and services and have overall responsibility for the provision of reliable IT infrastructure to guarantee high output levels from all teams.

Key Responsibilities
  • Deploy new products and services on the VAS platform based on the service description, flow and business rules. 
  • Integrate VAS platforms with MNOs including SMS Gateway, USSDC, SDP, OTA, Billing etc. 
  • Ensure 99.999% availability of VAS and IT services and platforms. 
  • Carry out acceptance tests for newly deployed VAS platforms and solutions. 
  • Have a full understanding of VAS protocols including SMPP, USSDI&II, , HTTP, SS7, M3UA, Sigtran, Web service, IP and others (SNMP). 
  • Integrate the Company’s products/services in the client’s environment. 
  • Develop technical specifications for applications that meet business requirements. 
  • Perform readiness tests on newly implemented VAS systems and products to validate features, capacity and functions. 
  • Keep abreast of new developments and technology trends in VAS, telecommunication and networking. 
  • Manage the company’s IT infrastructure: email services, internet access, Antivirus etc. 
  • Develop desktop, mobile and web applications, scripts for automated operational activities, etc. 
  • Generate periodic reports including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly performance reports, activity reports, etc. 
  • Ensure internal collaboration and communication with other functional teams to meet customer needs and operational efficiency within the Company. 
  • Preparation/Analysis of Logs (Shortcodes, content downloads etc.) 
  • Setup, Maintain and Monitor Network and Third Party VPN & SMPP Connections 
  • Liaise with technical teams of telecommunication networks on behalf of clients to resolve technical issues. 
  • Maintain Web and Mobile Applications 
  • Develop and maintain code for monitoring of all business service provisions as well as internal applications
  • Administration and Management of all internal and external servers and systems, network devices and connections.
  • Planning/Implementation of systems/network checklists.
  • Administer company’s wired and wireless local area networks.
  • Plan and Implement backup strategy for internal and remote systems
  • Identify and implement any necessary changes or upgrades.
  • Monitor server/network performance and availability to meet Service Level Agreement
  • commitments.
  • Perform other assigned duties as delegated by management from time to time.
Key Requirements
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience in VAS related engagements/positions/sectors
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Electronic Engineering/ Technology related field.
  • Operating system environments: Linux/UNIX is Compulsory
  • Working knowledge/proficiency of SHELL SCRIPT Language is a MUST
  • Working knowledge/proficiency of REDHAT Language is a MUST
  • Working knowledge/proficiency of PHP Language is a MUST
  • Proficiency in JAVA Language is an added advantage
  • Database Administration (Oracle/MySQL) is Key
  • Systems Administration experience
  • Networking and Resource Management

Mail to charles.azode@erecnigeria.com

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

International Massive Recruitment: Bilingual Technical Officer - Kasai Oriental Province (Mbuji-mayi), DR Congo

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Job Title: Bilingual Technical Officer (French/English)
Program: Disease Surveillance
Reports to: Project Manager
Location: Mbuji-Mayi (Kasai Oriental Province)
Our Client is a multi-national NGO with a focus to develop people centric and data driven technology solutions that connect and deliver better public health services for vulnerable communities. The Technical Officer will oversee and organize the field technical aspects and activities of the project. She/he will provide strategic guidance on platforms and tools, oversight on the technical operations related to configuration and deployment of equipment and software, and input on technical training strategy to ensure good data quality as well as follow up with Informants on daily basis to resolve technical issues encountered by the Informants.
Key Requirement
  • Must be able to operate phone and computer
  • Must be good with collating information using microsoft programs
  • Good sense of using applications to record data

APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SENT i.martins@erecnigeria.com

Titre du poste: Responsable technique bilingue (français / anglais)

Programme: Surveillance des maladies

Rapports à: Project Manager

Lieu: Mbuji-Mayi (Province d'État de Kasaï)

Notre client est une ONG multinationale qui met l'accent sur le développement de solutions technologiques orientées vers les données et axées sur les données qui relient et fournissent de meilleurs services de santé publique pour les communautés vulnérables. Le responsable technique supervisera et organisera les aspects techniques et les activités du projet. Il / elle fournira des conseils stratégiques sur les plates-formes et les outils, la surveillance des opérations techniques liées à la configuration et au déploiement d'équipements et de logiciels, ainsi que la stratégie de formation technique pour assurer une bonne qualité des données ainsi que le suivi quotidien des Informants pour résoudre Problèmes techniques rencontrés par les informateurs.

Exigence clé
Doit pouvoir utiliser le téléphone et l'ordinateur
Doit être bon avec l'information collaborative à l'aide de programmes Microsoft
Bon usage d'utiliser des applications pour enregistrer des données


Job Vacancy Alert: Structural Engineer - Lagos

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Our client has diversified group of companies working globally in various fields of expertise (Production, Agro Allied Industry Energy, Trading and Construction) and combining the best experienced experts from all over the world alongside local highly qualified workers. They now have an opening in their Construction unit for a Structural Engineer to be in Lagos, Nigeria.

Key Responsibilities
  • Responsible for planning and executing architectural, structural and civil designs for all buildings, concrete structures and infrastructures according to Company standards and specifications.
  • Liaising with other designers, including architects, to agree on safe designs and their fit with the aesthetic concept of the construction.
  • Work directly with internal and external engineering and integration teams for the installation of residential and commercial Structures.
  • Read and understand building codes, construction specifications and drawings.
  • Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints and other topographical or geologic data.
  • Review of plans, specifications and special provisions.
  • Tracking of non conformance and problem resolution of retrofits during fabrication and construction.
  • Representation at project meetings, Attendance at pre-construction, pre-fabrication and construction meetings.
  • Test soils and materials to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations, concrete, asphalt, or steel. 
  • Other responsibilities that may be assigned in the course of projects.

Job Vacancy Alert: Civil Engineer - Lagos

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Our client has diversified group of companies working globally in various fields of expertise (Production, Agro Allied Industry Energy, Trading and Construction) and combining the best experienced experts from all over the world alongside local highly qualified workers. They now have an opening in their Construction unit for a Civil Engineer to work on Lagos Projects.

Job Profile

The Civil Engineer to design, develop and construct a huge range of projects of the physically and naturally built environment from conception through to completion. The Civil Engineer will be responsible for the progress and monitoring of all civil works including substructure, superstructure and foundations.

Key Responsibilities
  • Manage, design, develop, create and maintain small-scale through to large-scale construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner
  • Conduct on site investigations and analyze data (maps, reports, tests, drawings and other)
  • Carry out technical and feasibility studies and draw up blueprints that satisfy technical specifications
  • Must work according to a plan with regards to what are the key essentials and what needs to be modified before the construction starts
  • Review and approve project reports and designs
  • Develop detailed design layout that covers the requirement of the client
  • Assess both challenges and potential risks of the planned project
  • Liaising with architects, engineers and surveyors including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress;
  • Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labour force and monitoring the work of any subcontractors;
  • Writing detailed reports;
  • Overseeing quality control and safety matters on the site, and ensuring that regulations are adhered to;
  • Resolving any unexpected technical difficulties, and other problems that may arise.